Alcopop Records – awesome vinyl and much more

An awesome store from an awesome label. It comprises of much more than just a bunch of great records. Alcopop are one of the best indies out there and they’ve got the whole range. Let’s not forget that they released one of their compilations via a custom bike!  Below are some of the great examples of what their store contains.

Proof of Alcopop’s versatility, a podcast release of No Such Thing As A Fish. Yellow vinyl has now sold out but please pick up a black copy here.

This is the wonderful Pangaea – the second album from Israeli superstars Acollective. Limited to 500 on Black Grape coloured 12”

Let’s not forget about Emperor Yes and this wonderful shade of green. Unfortunately you missed the version with meteorite in it!

With tees and embroidered patches your journey through the Alcopop store is now complete!

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