Come Play With Me on Patreon!

Our good friends at Come Play With Me are currently running an exciting Patreon campaign to help them release even more music and support even more talented musicians.



Come Play With Me are a not-for-profit set up to showcase and develop the amazing new music made in/around Leeds in the UK, distributing physically (mainly 7”) and digitally and promote live events.

They also offer a mentoring service, fixing up folks – not only musicians but also other roles like engineers, PR, photographers – with experienced mentors.

Through Patreon contributors and subscribers they aim  to do so much more, starting with:

  • more singles / albums
  • more Diversity events following last year’s hugely successful Women In Music and LGBTQ The Music events
  • extended campaigns for specific artists, possibly with press/radio campaigns
  • mentoring to loads more individuals and at a group level too
  • developing more artists and their audiences

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